Kokich Orthodontics


Lecture Schedule

Vincent Kokich, Jr.

Date Location     Meeting
3/27/2015 Richmond, Virginia     Commonwealth Oral and Facial Surgery Implant Study Club
4/24/2015 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania     Pittsburgh Orthodontic Meeting - 'The Event'
5/18/2015 San Francisco, California     American Association of Orthodontists Annual Meeting
9/14/2015 Kohler, Wisconsin     Wisconsin Society of Orthodontists Meeting
9/27-30/2015 London, England     World Federation of Orthodontists Meeting
10/29/2015 St. Louis, Missouri     Greater St. Louis Dental Society's Mid-Continent Dental Congress
1/25/2016 Kona, Hawaii     Seattle Study Club National Symposium
1/29-30/2016 Monterrey, Mexico     Orthodontic Group of Monterrey
2/26/2016 Seattle, Washington     Washington State Society of Orthodontists Annual Meeting
6/3/2016 Prague, Czech Republic     Czech Academy of Dental Aesthetics
9/22-23/2016 Warsaw, Poland     Polish Orthodontic Society
10/6-8/2016 Tegernsee, Germany     German Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
10/28/2016 Atlanta, Georgia     Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
10/20-21/2017 Warsaw, Poland     Polish Interdisciplinary Meeting


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