Kokich Orthodontics


Lecture Schedule

Vincent Kokich, Jr.

Date Location   Meeting
3/14/2014 San Francisco, California   Bay Area Study Club
9/5-6/2014 Scottsdale, Arizona   Spear Leadership Conference
9/18-20/2014 Olomouc, Czech Republic   Czech Republic Orthodontic Society
9/29/2014 Victoria, British Columbia   Victoria District Dental Society
10/18/2014 Zurich, Switzerland   Swiss Dental Study Group
10/24-25/2014 Barcelona, Spain   European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
11/7/2014 Louisville, Kentucky   University of Louisville Orthodontic Alumni Association
11/14/2014 Akron, Ohio   Seattle Study Club of Akron
1/30/2015 Chapel Hill, North Carolina   Chapel Hill Comprehensive Study Club
4/24/2015 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Pittsburgh Orthodontic Meeting - 'The Event'
10/23-24/2015 Warsaw, Poland   Polish Interdisciplinary Group


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